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Tag: Russia

Putin’s “Correction” of History: How Fictional Narratives are Shaping Russia’s Future

This article delves into Putin’s perspective on Russian history and his attempts to rectify its “mistakes” through warfare. By analyzing science fiction literature, the article shows how popular culture has influenced Russian society’s views on the past. The subgenre of time travel, in particular, has gained traction among readers, creating a revisionist and revisionist narrative.

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Understanding Propaganda: History, Techniques, and Modern Russian Propaganda

In this article, Dmitry Sidorov, a Russian journalist with experience in both propaganda media and independent journalism, delves into the world of propaganda. The article covers the definition of propaganda, classical propaganda techniques, and the emergence of propaganda throughout history. It also focuses on modern Russian propaganda, its characteristics, the use of conspiracy theories, and…

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The Climate Crisis During Ukrainian War: How the Planetary Crisis Intensifies

The climate crisis is still here and, because of the war, it has significantly worsened. Military actions have concrete ecological consequences, such as pollution of soil and water, collapse of water supply systems, and destruction of forests. But the war also has less obvious environmental consequences, disrupting supply chains and threatening global food security. The…

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